What to Write in a Follow Up Email After Your Interview

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It used to be proper etiquette to send a thank you card after your interview, which is still an acceptable practice.  However, nowadays you can appropriately thank an interviewer by sending them an email, which is faster and easier for both parties.  Make sure you ask your interviewer for their business card before your interview is over so that you have their email address and the correct spelling of their name.

In a thank you email, you want to convey three things:

  1. Your appreciation for the interview
  2. What you learned from them specifically
  3. How you feel you would be a good fit for the position
  4. Your interest in the role

Here are some helpful hints about how to structure a proper thank you email.

First paragraph - In this opening paragraph, tell your interviewer that you enjoyed meeting them and provide a brief summary of your conversation with them.  During your interview, make sure to note one or two things of which you spoke with this person so that you can refer back to it during the thank you email.  For example, “I thought your method of tracking productivity was particularly interesting” or “I enjoyed hearing about your point of view regarding the role”.  This is where you make certain that you personalize the time you spent with that individual.

Second paragraph - Take the job description or your notes from the interview and make one or two comparisons to your background, to highlight you are a good match for the position.  You may say something like “I believe my MBA and five years of experience in Financial Analysis in the Software industry makes me a good match for your requirements to track software revenue”.

Third paragraph - State your interest in the position and what excites you about it.  Let them know that you welcome any further interviews and if they need more information to contact you.

Last paragraph - Thank them again and say that you look forward to hearing back from them regarding the next steps.

A thank you email does not have to be fancy or elaborate.  These guidelines should make it easy to draft a professional, friendly thank you letter after your interview.

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