Understanding the Anatomy of a Boss From Hell

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Unfortunately, most people know what it is like to work for a terrible boss. In fact, for many people, the idea of ever having a good boss is akin to finding a unicorn in the forest. Bosses are a necessary evil because they sign paychecks and hire workers, but they seem to be getting more evil as time goes on.

Bosses from Hell are notable for their ability to make workers feel inferior. For most people, the idea of a good boss is someone who is able to motivate and provide leadership while making the workplace a comfortable area for productivity. Instead, bad bosses dominate with passive-aggressive comments, put downs and their significant contributions to poor morale.

Workers often feel amazed by the fact that their bosses have not only retained their jobs, but have risen to positions of leadership. For the most part, though, the type of behavior that people hate in their bosses is exactly the type of behavior that causes bosses from Hell to rise through the company ranks.

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Understanding the Anatomy of a Boss From Hell - Job/Career advice

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