Keeping Spirits up during your Employment Search

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An employment search is a hard time for everyone, for whatever reason. You may be leaving school and looking for an apprenticeship or administration position. Possibly you’ve just graduated from university and you’re seeking employment in your field of choice. In what is a very touch economic climate, unfortunately companies are forced to retrench employees so there are many people finding themselves online going through the employment search process all over again. Whatever position you find yourself in you’re bound to go through some tough times during the process.

So how do you stay motivated when this occurs?


You can’t leave all the slog work up to someone else, but when looking for that job you may want to enlist the help of a career coach to provide you with some guidance through your search for employment. A coach or even agency will have a much better idea of the jobs out there for you. This isn’t just about career assessment where you fill in pages and pages of forms but rather a way to get yourself out there and be responsible for taking well-informed action in your employment search.


If you’re not too keen on the whole coaching method, or you can’t afford to employ the services of a counsellor (possibly because you’re not earning any money yet) it might be a good idea to get hold of some literature on the matter. There is plenty out there. Whether visiting sites online or traditional hard copy, your employment search can be made easier through some additional motivation between the pages.

The Social Network

By social network we don’t just mean Facebook, to which people have begun associating the phrase, but getting out there and physically exchanging ideas, qualifications and aspirations with like-minded industry individuals. Many people will tell you that they’ve been through a handful of jobs due only to a networking-based employment search.

Think Smart

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself just because you haven’t signed a contract yet. Why not go out and get a professional item of clothing or something that will make you feel a bit more confident. It will spur you on to send those CVs out and network with greater ease, allowing you to take that employment search up a notch.

Either way, the employment search process should be an interesting one, allowing you to get a good idea of what’s out there in your industry and there are plenty of ways to keep yourself motivated throughout what can sometimes seem like a rough patch.

Dave Peterson is one of those irons-in-many-fires type businessmen. He’s got advice from manager motivation to hunting for executive suites and is generally a good consultant to have in your corner.

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