Job-Search Tips for New College Graduates

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It’s a tough job market to come into but not impossible. Here are some of the popular tips university career experts offered for those who are still searching.

Don’t quit before you’ve started. Some students are so frustrated by the state of the economy they are not motivated to look for a job. “If you don’t look then you know you won’t have a job.”

Prioritise. Is it likely that you’re going to get your No. 1, first job? No. Decide in advance how much time you’ll spend pursuing your first choice — a month for example — and then expand the search to include other positions.

Search across industries. The degree doesn’t necessarily equal your career.  You really need to focus on the value of what you’ve learned and be able to articulate that to an employer.

Rely on networking. More and more employers are providing full-time job offers to their interns as a first choice, so stay in touch with former internship employers and devote more time to expanding your professional network than searching online job sites.

Only opt for graduate school if you have a plan. If students know what they’re going to study and how it will help them get a better position once they’re finished then a graduate degree is an excellent idea. If that’s not clear, then you’re still not any more capable of telling an employer what you want to do and why, so take the time to plan your career.

Be willing to relocate. If you are willing to migrate and to take a chance on a new part of the country or a new country and take a chance on a brand new job you naturally  have more options.

Do your research. If you’re meeting with an employer, be knowledgeable about the business and be able to articulate why you’re a good fit for the position and the company.

Remember: A new job is only the first step. The first job you get out of college in almost every single case is just one step on the path to your eventual career .

Source | WSJ

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