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We have compiled some great tips to help you get that perfect job.

Your Curriculum Vitae should give an employer enough interesting, relevant information to get you an interview. Let’s help you get noticed by reading the below points!

Your CV may be used to shortlist you for interview and employers often refer to it during the interview and possibly again when making a final decision – so it’s vitally important that you put the effort in to make it work for you.

How can I write an impressive CV?

A CV should be honest and factual. It’s important that you don’t emphasise negative information, but you also shouldn’t leave gaps in your history because you will be asked about these at interview.

Collect all relevant information

Make a list of all relevant information about yourself before you start. In fact, as your career progresses there will be more and more of this, so it’s a good practice to keep a running record of things like qualifications, jobs, training courses, and achievements. You can then refer to this list when you’re making a career move.

Tailor your CV, create more than one

More than one CV? You ask. Yes, absolutely! While many people have one CV, it is worth spending time on tailoring a CV to a specific job, especially if you’re serious about getting it. Read the advertisement and personal specification and make sure that you show how you meet the criteria. A functional summary can be useful to achieve this if the standard layout of work experience and key achievements doesn’t cover the points well enough for you.

State relevant experience clearly

If they are specific in what they need (essential criteria) it is likely that they will shortlist the applications using these criteria. You need to be explicit that you have what they ask for or they may discard your application.

CV length

A good length for a CV is roughly 2 A4 pages but this is by no means an absolute rule.  Many sectors like the engineering sector will require a longer CV, maybe 4 pages due to technical content and length of service.  As long as you use good headings with italics/bold and bullet point your job descriptions a 4 page CV is not only acceptable but expected in high end jobs including Director level,  so clarity and organisation are very important in writing a CV especially 3+ page CVs.


Most people don’t put much time and effort into their CV. So with some effort, you can easily make your CV stand out.

CV Design Tips

  • use a good quality A4 paper
  • don’t overdo the typefaces and design, less is definitely more
  • be meticulous about spelling, grammar and neatness
  • leave plenty of white space
  • use headings, bold and italic type to help the reader navigate
  • make the font size 12 points so it’s easy to read

For more CV design tips read also: Designing a professional CV with Microsoft Word

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