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5 Signs You Need a Change of Career

Jul 17, 2012 No Comments by

For many, the prospect of going out and seeking alternative employment seems way too daunting especially if you have been in your current role for many years. It is all too easy to find your comfort zone and allow yourself to stay within it for the foreseeable future. Changing career entirely can be a step […]

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Understanding the Anatomy of a Boss From Hell

Jul 05, 2012 No Comments by

Unfortunately, most people know what it is like to work for a terrible boss. In fact, for many people, the idea of ever having a good boss is akin to finding a unicorn in the forest.

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How to deal with an unhappy colleague

Sep 29, 2010 No Comments by

I work in a small office for a not-for-profit organization, and I like my job, but I work right next to someone who is VERY unhappy with her life. I have noticed over the past few months that I am starting to become more negative about my job and life in general. Can one person […]

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Things to avoid in the office

Sep 28, 2010 No Comments

We spend one-third of our working lives at the office. The people we work with can affect our productivity and our careers, and vice versa. There are many things which make your workmate unhappy with your behavior in office and this may end up with loosing a good job even if you are really good […]

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Are you considered “difficult to manage”?

Sep 06, 2010 No Comments

How do you know if your boss considers you to be difficult to manage?” Of course nobody would like to think that they’re thought of as (or worse still, actually) difficult to manage, but it has to be said… I also meet hundreds of managers in the course of my job who are relieved to […]

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8 Fundamental Ways to Impress Your Manager

Sep 03, 2010 No Comments

If you work hard, these cereer advices will be easy for you to follow. The first step to gaining your manager’s respect is doing your job well. I know that the very thought of trying to impress the manager may make you recoil because the notion of wanting to impress your boss may strike you […]

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Positive Thinking In The Workplace: 3 Simple Steps

Jun 02, 2010 3 Comments

Positive thinking in the workplace is extremely important for career builder newbies in order to turn in work that goes beyond expectations. Positive thinking is a mental attitude. What we think affects how we behave. It is therefore important for us to begin with our thoughts. It is a mental attitude that expects good and […]

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How To Set Goals? – The Bare Basics

Jun 01, 2010 2 Comments

Personal goal setting is important to measure your success. “How To Set Goals?”, is a question many career newbies often ask. Something seemingly easy enough but more often than not most people try to avoid it. In this article I would tackle the very basic. So, this is for newbies at goal setting. 1. Don’t […]

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Developing Positive Attitude at Work

May 31, 2010 No Comments

Developing positive attitude at work can determine how successful you are in your career. However, this can be tough especially when things seem to go wrong all the time. I had my fair share of setbacks throughout my career. Along the way, I started developing positive attitudes to help me deal with these setbacks. Remember […]

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